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Behind the ROX...

    I created HEAL ROX as a beautiful reminder to stay the course no matter the storm, remaining focused and manifesting through gemstone personal properties while various charms remind you to have fun and feed your passion!   HEAL ROX is for every occasion, so LIVE in your jewelry!  When you level up, others around you level up, and in turn the world levels up; we ALL benefit, we ALL win and this ROX!


Daily Progression...

"The way you treat others is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself."

    Diving into yourself to discover who you are and how you came to be is necessary.  Sure, it's scary and messy, takes time and much effort, and is uncomfortable, but it's YOU, and damnit, you're worth it!  The highs and lows, the traumas and tribulations have all molded FOR you.  Recognizing your faults and failures as fuel to propel you forward, are gifts; it's a shift in perspective...easier said than done of course, so be patient with yourself! 

    Taking time to invest in you, to understand you, to accept you, to embrace you - all the parts, to recognize your value, to walk in your truth is vulnerable and that is beautiful thing!  Peeling away the many masked layers and hats you wear on a daily basis is challenging and uncomfortable, but you see it's in this discomfort that you grow, that you evolve, that things become clear and and you begin to forgive, you begin to lean in and surrender to your authentic self and you begin to HEAL freeing yourself from yourself; you know the saying "get out of your own way!" 

    It's an everyday self work ethic that takes awareness, patience, and practice as you navigate to keep what serves you and let go of what doesn't.  If your emotional armor is heavy and exhausting, get woke already!  You continue to repeat the same lessons over and over until you conquer; so get off the hamster wheel, stop existing in life, and don't settle being a passenger in your own life, grab the wheel and DRIVE into another layer deeper into who you really are!  Remember, when you experience resistance, keep going, the break through is coming! 



And Beyond...

"The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better."

- Robert F. Kennedy

     I've realized the key to success is when EVERYONE wins!  It is very important for me to give back; it's just the right thing to do.  So I've partnered with several charities that are near and dear to my heart: pet rescues, helping US Veterans, and inspiring young dancers through The Dance Council.  There are specific HEAL ROX charm bracelets proceeds pertaining to these wonderful charities!  When you rise, be sure to help lift others up too, that way you'll never be lonely at the top!

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