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ARTIST'S History

    I accepted a one month challenge of minimalist living. The challenge involved ridding myself of unnecessary items each day of the month totaling 496 items in 31 days. One night as I lay awake in my bed trying to identify the items to rid myself of the following day, a great idea sparked...recycle my stylish heels and turn them into functional and fashionable clock art!  

     Over the next several days, I was obsessed with arts and crafts, hardware, and fashion.  Over the next several months, I was obsessed with photography, online marketing, and website building. Finally, I am proud to present,                                                         

Heel History

     Like each of us humans, each heel has a story.  Some of the heels were donated by my fellow artist friends like Las Vegas Showgirls, while others were rescues purchased at Good Will and Salvation Army, and others ordered unworn from a warehouse. Some shoe brands you recognize, whereas others are simply generic.  Some heels have scratches and knicks showcasing maturity and wild nights out, while others are missing minor pieces having lived a life supporting the being it nurtured step after step, and yet others are full of youth and flawless beauty having never experienced the warmth and wrath of a human.  It is these qualities that make each heel clock unique and of special character, which is why I named each heel clock after a friend who inspired the design! 


Making History

     As an artist and human being, it is my duty to give back and spread compassion to others. So I have chosen to spotlight a non-profit and donate a portion of proceeds from every                            heel clock sold! 

                              supports young dancers by awarding financial scholarships through The Dance Council!  "Dance has blessed me with countless oppertunities to share my gift world wide and continues to provide me a successful and satisfying career.  Growing up with a single parent, The Dance Council helped me fulfill my goals and dreams and I want to do the same for other aspiring dancers!"



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