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Amber Strauser & Company B Scholarships

     The Amber Strauser Scholarship was established in 2010 by Amber to give back to the dance community through the Dance Council of North Texas.  Because A.S.S. has been a success, Company B Scholarship will debut in 2018 as an extension of A.S.S! 

     Amber wants to thank the many supporters who have donated: Charles Haid, Mark Passler, Darren Woodson, Lance Holmes, Richard Nixon, Michael Wilson, Shirley Strauser, Deborah Greene, Dr.Pamela Gabriel, Joseph Ferrara, ladies of Fantasy at Luxor, Pierre Accounting, and Smacktalk Sports radio!  Thank y'all for believing in my vision!  
     Amber started dancing at age 5 years old per her mother’s request, and come year two fought against returning.  Her mother insisted she continue dancing, and thankfully has had quite a successful dance career.  Around age fourteen Amber, started winning numerous dance scholarships offering her training all over USA, yet with a single parent income, it was difficult to carry out her dreams.  Her Arts Magnet High School turned her onto the Dance Council of North Texas, which is an organization supporting dance and aiding young dancers with financial assistance.  She received numerous dance scholarships through the Dance Council, which helped her live out her dreams!  Giving back to young aspiring dancers has been a goal for her and with the help of friends and family who believe in her passion for dance and helping dancers, she has been able to award at least two $500 - $1500 scholarships to two dancers annually!  

    If you would like to donate, be sure to include 'Amber Strauser Scholarship' in the comments section so your monies contribute accordingly...DONATE

If you would like to apply for a scholarship:


2011: Summer Fiaschetti & Madelyn LaLonde  

2012: Madi Hicks & Madison Winter

2013: Natalie Bonniwell & Ilana Lemack

2014: Kendall Palmer & Kennedy Cannon

2015: Mykayla Hicks, Aldrin Vendt, Londyn Alexander  

2016: Sydney James & Angel Warden

2017:  Victoria Brio

2018:  Peyton Dawes, Joseph Dang, Madyson Grobe

2019:  Dani Van Creveld, Joseph Dang

2020:  Joshua Armstong, Lane Ward

2021: Kali Kleiman

2022: Macie Krause

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