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     Amber’s passion for fitness was introduced to her at age five when her mother enrolled her into dance class, but Amber wouldn’t fall in love with dancing until her second year.  She was an exceptional dancer with natural performance ability winning multiple dance scholarships as a teenager to train with elite NYC and L.A. choreographers in both cities plus loads of opportunity flowed into her young life, but she chose to attend Southern Methodist University while cheering for the Dallas Cowboys.  It was during her freshman year that her wellness instructor encouraged her to enter the Ms. SMU Body Building 2000 Contest, and hesitantly she took on the challenge with 3.5 months to train!  She hired a personal trainer to add mass while managing a full semester of pre-med classes at SMU while the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders season was in full affect with appearances and weekly Show Group practices and performances even though football season was over, plus she snuck in extra cardio in her limited free time; she was relentless!  She won Ms. SMU Body Building 2000 and Best Poser Awards and continued her new weight training obsession with personal training and biomechanics certifications from Coopers Institute in Dallas as well as her yoga certification from AAAI.  



    A successful dance career consumed her life but the education from her certifications broadened her knowledge and confidence in the gym.  She did manage to train a few clients like the popular Julian McMahon from Nip Tuck whom she met while filming an episode as a co-star on the show in 2007.  She was also a regular trainer on Discovery Channel’s FitTV show The Gym that filmed one season in 2005, aired for five seasons and broadcasted internationally!

     While performing in Atlantic City, Amber received a phone call from SoulCycle inviting her to ride and participate in a weekly training camp in NYC which then extended to two months training in L.A.  Things wouldn’t organically align until five years later, so upon relocating to  Las Vegas, she taught at several local studios and obtained her Schwinn and Real Ryder indoor cycling certifications.  Once things finally aligned in 2019, Amber flew six times per week(38 flights total) to and from L.A. for training again while performing nightly in Las Vegas for seven weeks.  She now teaches at SoulCycle in Wynn while performing in Purple Reign at the Tropicana Casino.

     Once COVID rocked the world, inorder to keep her sanity and stay connected to the Las Vegas rider community and beyond, she led free private 40 minute circuit workouts daily.  Once SoulCycle re-opened, she was inspired to transform part of her garage into a gym, update her personal training certification through NASM and offer locals a safe environment to train with her.  "I joyfully introduce you to RedHot Box" exclaims Amber!  Whatever your goals, Amber strives to deliver a safe and challenging session using circuit, interval, crossfit and calisthenic trainings sprinkled with fun and laughter of course!  So shed what no longer serves you and decide to invest in you because when your will exceeds your excuses, you will show up!

Amber's SoulCycle 
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