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     REDHOT BOX packages come in single, three or five sessions.  All celebratory launch packages purchased between now and September 30, 2020 MUST be used by December 31, 2020. 


     We are here for you, so first come first reserve!  Reach out to us with your upcoming week’s commitment to yourself and us by submitting dates and times for your one hour workout session(s) Solo, with a Partner, as a Menage a trois, or Group of Four (you are responsible for getting your crew together).  Once you submit your requested time(s), we will confirm with you and then you, Partner, Menage a trois and/or Group of Four ALL venmo, zelle, paypal, or apple pay LIFE DRIVER LLC with your package selection to lock it in.  


     The package you buy is reflective of that number of person(s) per each session; thus, you cannot cross contaminate.  For example, you buy a Solo 3 package session and use two leaving you with 1 remaining session.  Your lover excitedly wants to join you in a session, so you both would need to purchase a separate Partner package; you still have your 1 remaining session from your Solo 3 Sesh Package purchase.  The more you show up, the more you save, and the quicker you are to reaching your goals!

What do I owe you?

The more investment and commitment you make to yourself saves you money!  


Solo Single Sesh: $55.00

Solo 3 Sesh Package: $156.00 (save $3.00 off each sesh)

Solo 5 Sesh Package: $250.00 (save $5.00 off each sesh)


Partner Single Sesh: $35.00 each

Partner 3 Sesh Package: $96.00 each (save $3.00 off each session)

Partner 5 Sesh Package: $150.00 each (save $5.00 off each session)


Menage a trois Single Sesh: $25.00

Menage a trois 3 Sesh Package: $66.00 (save $3.00 off each session)

Menage a trois 5 Sesh Package: $100.00 (save $5.00 off each session)


Group of Four Single Sesh: $20.00 each

Group of Four 3 Sesh Package: $51.00 (save $3.00 off each session)

Group of Four 5 Sesh Package: $75.00 (save $5.00 off each session)


Fashionably Late...r.

  • Clients arriving late will receive the remaining scheduled session time, unless other arrangements have been previously made with Trainer.

Something’s come up!

  • Cancel more than 5 hours from scheduled session and we simply reschedule (no extra cost and no money lost)


  • Cancel less than 5 hours from scheduled session and LIFE DRIVER LLC keeps half of your session cost and the other monies go toward a reschedule session.




  • With a last minute emergency, your emergency will be treated like a less than 5 hour cancellation.


So Fresh and So Clean!!

- Equipment is cleaned and sanitized with VitalOxide after EVERY session.


- Floor mats are cleaned and sanitized with MATPRO® by Matguard once a week.

- Zogics Hand Sanitizing Wipes and hand sanitizer gel are available for clients.






  • After every session, you will be presented with a cold essential oil infused face towelette to absorb your sweaty efforts!



Don’t Forget

- Must be 16yrs old to play(unless accompanied by an adult), and bring a personal water, hand towel, your fav tunes and a positive vibe!


***Prefer to kick your own ass…REDHOT BOX is available for rental at $25.00 per hour per person up to five people.  Features include: freestanding punching bag, battle rope, resistance bands, plyo boxes, 2 tires, 1 spin bikes, 1 assault air bike, 1 row machine, 2 jump ropes, AB bench, 5lbs-30lbs Hex Ergonomic dumbbells, 5lbs-40lbs kettlebells, 6ft Olympic Barbell, ez curl bar, land mine, 320lbs Olympic plates, Body Solid Power Rack w/ pulley system and variety of cable attachments, Smart Home 16 million color lighting, JEB Bluetooth sound system, 32 inch television to stream app content, 2 heavy duty Tornado fans and 1 small space heater!

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