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I wish...

     Hi and thank you for stopping by!  With the unfortunate hopelessness and helplessness COVID-19 has caused not only for myself but for many in my industry, I find myself inviting and appreciating your help!  I've always been a hard and abundant worker, but my expertise lies in the many opportunities that have been shut down by the government and remain closed!  From performing in a show, to emceeing at trade shows and events as well as atmosphere modeling at day and night clubs, nothing that attracts the masses is open; the last time I stepped on the Tropicana stage was Saturday March 14, 2020. 

     Beyond the financial toll, it has also been emotionally dark and heavy because I have been stripped of my passion, of a career I love and have perfected since age 5.  I am able to teach part-time indoor cycling and it fills up my soul but sadly not my bank account; trying to live full time on a part time pay check does not cut it.  

     I've been trying to figure out what my new normal looks like while hoping to return to the stage in 2021!  In the meantime, I've put together a 'wish list' for my three furry children and a little for myself if you find yourself wanting to contribute to myself and my three furries!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

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